Development of Pravíkov Park


The Center for Studies is a background for the study and research of man - his history, development and the development of human consciousness.

It is the school's place of operation, a place of inspiration and a center of gravity for the Masters of the School, who care about the development of the Park and whose mission is to strengthen deep inner experience and work on discovering new spaces of the mind.

Here they find the best conditions for studying, deepening their research and meditation. They can spend any length of time alone here or share their experiences, advances and progress with others.

All Parks in the world are built and operate thanks to people. They are independent of the state, organizations or private companies.

Reconstruction of the house, which will house the Study Center and other accommodation for the already functioning Center of Work, began in the summer of 2013. However, the main work is still planned and will proceed as far as possible.

The first phase of the reconstruction will involve the completion of the rough construction: demolition and reconstruction of parts of the perimeter wall, concreting part of the foundations, concreting the reinforced concrete wreath, replacement of the roofing, stiffening of the truss; sewerage, water supply, concrete floor.

There are several ways to get involved in the campaign:

  • Contribute financially - the number of the transparent account to which you can send your contributions is: 2500074734/2010You can view the current account status here. Any amount you choose to donate is important to the existence and development of the Pravík Study and Reflection Park and is received with great gratitude.
  • donate / offer a discount on the material - we need: concrete, waterproofing foil (Fatrafol 803), bricks and lintels HELUZ, roofing foil (Jutafol D), roofing (Ruukki monterrey standard)
  • donate / offer a discount on professional work
  • Participate in events organized as part of the campaign - current information will always be here on the web
  • to spread information about the campaign and about Pravíkov Park
  • any further ideas on how to support the Study Center campaign are welcome!

Invitations to Events


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