About Pravíkov Park

Parks of Study and Reflection Parks of study and reflection are a place for everyone who wants to stop in today's hectic times and look for answers to questions about the meaning of life, overcoming pain and suffering, about the future… They are places to meet and contact the best in us and the best in others . They are places for reflection, but also for the study and development of man and non-violent humanistic sensitivity and culture.

The first Park of Studies and Reflections in the Czech Republic began in June 2011 in the small village of Pravíkov in the Vysočina region, a few kilometers from Pelhřimov.

On a plot of more than 9,000 square meters purchased for the Park, there are three interconnected houses and an old cowshed. The first of the houses underwent thorough cleaning and reconstruction work in the summer of 2011 and is currently used as a work center for seminars, studies, meditations and other events.

The other two buildings are currently only rough structures. Gradual renovations should eventually bring all the houses to a usable condition.

In addition to the Work Center and the Study Center, each Study and Reflection Park also consists of several symbolic elements. In the spring of 2012, the first three were created and installed in Pravíkov Park: an entrance gate, a fountain and a stele; in June 2014 then another: monolith.

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