THANKS to your support we will build:

a large room for study, meditations and seminars
another two bedrooms
a bathroom with facilities


You can contribute by these means:

Standing monthly order
One time payment
Transparent donor account - 2500074734/2010

we can issue a donation agreement for your contribution


Examples of what we could acquire for your contribution:

100,- Kč

1-2 YTONG blocks for the construction of partitions

200,- Kč

1 plasterboard

500,- Kč

a role of thermal insulation

700,- Kč

sockets and switches for 1 room

1 500,- Kč

1 washbasin

3 000,- Kč

1 toilet or 30 m pipes for heating

4 000,- Kč

1 radiator or 1 door with paneling

6 000,- Kč

1 two-part window including accessories

8 000,- Kč

1 fire door with trim

10 500,- Kč

3.5m3 of concrete for floors

What has been achieved with your support since 2011?

During seminars, stays, celebrations and meetings, a beautiful place for contemplation was created, emerging from everyday life and connecting with oneself

T H A N K Y O U !!!!!

Amount raised:

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