Development of Pravíkov Park

All Parks in the world are built and are working thanks to people. They are independent of state or private companies. The fact that the Park in the Czech Republic exists, proves that there are enough people who care for this project and who want to be a part of it.

Although we managed to build the base of the Park of Study and Reflection in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to think of its further development. We plan to build also in Pravíkov the Centre of Study, Workrooms, bigger accommodation space and much more. That’s why we are still looking for other people who would like to join us and support the development of the Park Pravíkov.

There are many options and of course we don’t refuse any other ideas and proposals:

  • spread information about Park and about the public events held there – address friends, acquaintances and other people around, inform them about the project of the Parks of Study and Reflection, propose them to join and help to create the Park, too
  • actively take part in ongoing works and in the organization of the activity of the Park – attend some of the planned events and come in on reconstruction, attend some of the Open days with organizational meeting, contact us via e-mail
  • donate – although we made possibly the biggest step and we bought the real estate for the Czech Park, there is still a lot of effort, energy and money needed for the reconstruction of the other buildings, adjustments of the demesne, creating the symbolic elements of the Park and for the operation. Our account number is 107399314/0300, IBAN: CZ08 0300 0000 0001 0739 9314, BIC/SWIFT: CEKOCZPPXXX. It is necessary to indicate the following information – Remittance data: /VS/2500074734. You can find the current account balance here.  You can also use our PayPal account.

We will welcome any sum of money you decide donate for the Park.