Parks of Study and Reflection

Parks of Study and Reflection are places for all who want to stop in present hectic times and look for answers about the meaning of life, overcoming of pain and suffering, about future… Parks are places of gathering and of getting in touch with the best in us and the best in others. Places meant for reflection but also for studying and growth and progress of man and of non-violent humanist sensitivity and culture.

All Parks have several common elements


When one passes through the Gate, one enters a different time and space. Marking the boundary between the external world – everyday life and the place for studying and reflection – the interior of the human being, the Gate is designed to bring about a change in the internal state of everyone who enters.

Photo from Park Attigliano in Italy


Monoliths were created by various cultures in history as symbols of connection between earth and sky, always from materials typical for the time of their origin. Constructed of stainless steel to reflect the age we live in, and engraved with the date of the inauguration of the Park, the monolith sets the park’s coordinates in time and space.

Photo from Park Kohanoff in Argentina


Its interior symbolizes the profound internal experience, the contact with something deep and universal hidden in each human being, through a half sphere space devoid of icons, symbols or images.

Photo from Park Manantiales in Chile



Water fountain represents allegorically the fusion of feminine and masculine principles as the source of all energy. It symbolizes the life itself, the energy of life.

Photo from Park Attigliano in Italy


The Centre of Work is a place to have retreats of personal work, workshops and gatherings. The Centre of Study works as a place for studies of man and his history.

Photo from Park Mikebuda in Hungary



Donor wall is a small monument displaying the engraved names of all who contributed to the construction of the Park.

Photo from Park Attigliano in Italy