The Process of Disciplines in Park Pravíkov opens for new applicants – 2020

The “inner reality” is hidden behind the noise and distraction of everyday life.

Since ancient times, the man has been seeking ways to connect with the depth of human consciousness.

The Disciplines of the School aim to bring the trainees closer to profound experience – to fundamental internal transformation.

There are four Disciplines: Energetic, Formal, Material and Mental. They were formulated by Silo and inspired by the four Aristotle´s causes (efficient, formal, material and final).

The Process of Disciplines requires persistent and long-term commitment.

The whole process is divided into two parts. The first part (Levelling) is preparatory using the tools of relaxation, self-knowledge and psychophysics. The second part (Disciplines) involves practicing of particular steps of chosen Discipline.

“When they spoke of a city of the gods, which the heroes of many peoples strove to reach; when they spoke of a paradise where gods and humankind lived together in transfigured original nature; when they spoke of falls and floods, great internal truth was told. But when all this was spoken of but set outside the mind it was an error or a lie,”

Silo, “Inner Look”. 

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Workshop of Psychophysical Exercises

On the weekend of 2020/3/7 – 2020/3/8 practical workshop of Psychophysical exercises, which is open to anyone interested in personal growth, will take place in the Park of Studies and Reflection Pravíkov. Simple, mainly group exercises, activating vegetative, motoric, emotional and mental centres together with attention improvement exercises can ease participant’s progress towards higher levels of personal growth.

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Reconstruction of Center of Study

We are planning to continue with the reconstruction of the Center of Studies this spring and summer. The more people could help us the better and faster all works will go. There will be not only heavy tasks for strong people but also support tasks like cooking and preparation of materials.

Reconstruction is divided into several phases in April, May, June and July. You can come to any of this phases and stay as long as you wish. The accommodation will be for free, ideally bring your own sleeping bag. You should be able to pay for the transport and food. For registration write an e-mail to

15.-21. July
Work Week of Vila Flora friends.

22.-28. July
Work Week with the Kids. There will be also program for children during this week.

10.-18. August
Work Week with Dana and Gerardo Femina.

2012 – Joint asking for a profound change

Parks of study and reflection – Pravíkov
Saturday 7th January 2012 at 2pm

In today’s world of huge commotions without clear future, we feel strong need of profound positive change in the world. Therefore, from the bottom of our selves, together we will ask for inspiration, strength, inner peace, so that the best wishes inside us could manifest, help us, our close and distant ones, and new horizons could open.

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