The Process of Disciplines in Park Pravíkov opens for new applicants – 2020

The “inner reality” is hidden behind the noise and distraction of everyday life.

Since ancient times, the man has been seeking ways to connect with the depth of human consciousness.

The Disciplines of the School aim to bring the trainees closer to profound experience – to fundamental internal transformation.

There are four Disciplines: Energetic, Formal, Material and Mental. They were formulated by Silo and inspired by the four Aristotle´s causes (efficient, formal, material and final).

The Process of Disciplines requires persistent and long-term commitment.

The whole process is divided into two parts. The first part (Levelling) is preparatory using the tools of relaxation, self-knowledge and psychophysics. The second part (Disciplines) involves practicing of particular steps of chosen Discipline.

“When they spoke of a city of the gods, which the heroes of many peoples strove to reach; when they spoke of a paradise where gods and humankind lived together in transfigured original nature; when they spoke of falls and floods, great internal truth was told. But when all this was spoken of but set outside the mind it was an error or a lie,”

Silo, “Inner Look”. 

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