Campaign for the construction of the Pravikov Park Study Center

Dear friends, we hope you are very well.

We are happy to inform you that after a period of doubts and uncertainties we have taken back in our hands the destiny of our beloved Pravikov Park.

Pravikov Park was born in a small town in the center of the Czech Republic about an hour from the city of Prague. The activities began in 2011 when we bought the land of about 13,000 square meters that contained numerous buildings that needed almost complete reconstruction.

With lots of work and the help of many friends we have fixed it and, above all, we have restructured one of the existing buildings that we use as a Work Center for several years.

The Park already has several of our elements such as the Fountain, the Monolith, the Portal and the Stela.

We carry out different activities that include personal and group retreats, ceremonies, lab work, seminars, etc.

The next step we deem to be very important is to expand the Work Center to have a greater capacity for accommodation and, above all, to build the Study Center and may be very soon the Hall.

We have an existing building that needs a complete overhaul. We already have the architect’s project and a fund of 20,000 euros.

We have already begun the work, but to be able to complete it we need another 40,000 euros. So, we are asking for support to all our friends and to those who believe in the Parks project hoping to reach 400 contributions of 100 euros.

The campaign will run from May 1 to 31.

To lower the budget we will do many tasks by ourselves. For this reason, we have organized and scheduled some weeks of work (which we have humorously called “Ora et labora”), trying to involve local people who support us. We would be happy if friends from other Parks and from other places can come to join us since we are only a dozen Masters applied to this Park and there’s a lot of work to do.

A big hug for each of you.

The Pravikov Study and Reflection Park Commission

For financial contributions:
Wire transfer: Asociace Fénix – IBAN:
Dates of organized working weeks for

May 10-19, June 1-9, July 8-14, July 20-28
(a family week with children), August 17-25
Please send us the information about each contribution that you are sending and
also about any planned visit to the Park: